Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shane Dorfman Shihan Enbu Added to KWF World Cup

Here is great news for people hoping to catch Shane Dorfman Sensei's Karate; Dorfman Sensei has been asked by YS to demonstrate Enbu at the KWF World Cup in Norway.

This is a high honor awarded by YS- the only other people peforming Enbu at KWF are YS and IS themselves. For those of you who may not know about Shane Dorfman Sensei, he is not only a multiple KWF World Champion, but was All-Shotokan World Open Kumite Champion 2005- and that was only one of the many high honors this fine Karateka has won.

OK, ok, twist my arm; here is a summary:

- Triple KWF World Open Grand Champion (winner of both Kata and Kumite) 2007 (Tokyo, Japan), 2004 (Tokyo, Japan) and 2002 (Miami, U.S.)
- All-Shotokan World Open Kumite Champion 2005 (Chicago, U.S.)
- Elected to the KWF International Shihankai (Master Panel) in 2007
- Awarded 6th degree black belt in 2004 by Yahara Sensei and the international grading panel of KWF at age 29

- KWF Japan Open Kumite Champion 2001 (Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan)
- JKA World Kata Champion 2000 (Wales)
- World All-style (WKF) World U19 Grand Champion 1993 (Hungary)
- World All-style (WKF) World U21 Kata Champion 1994 (Australia)
- Captain of the KWF World Team Champions 2000 and JKA World Team champions 1996
- African Cup (UFAK) U78kg Kumite Champion 1994

If that wasn't impressive enough, of course, Sensei Shane has also done pretty well (might the phrase be "cleaned up" ;-)) nationally as well.

Here is Shane Sensei demonstrating Kata at the ShotoKan opening ceremony.

The KWF World Cup and Seminar looks like it's shaping up to be a hot event. Just hope that if I am allowed to fight, I don't get someone of Shane's caliber, otherwise my personal championship will last seconds ;-)


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Chris said...

Welcome back to Tokyo.
How as Norway?
Was searching the KWF website for results but couldn't find anything.
Hope you made it up the line and didn't have the first bout with Dorfman.