Friday, March 20, 2009

Bash Street Kids: Kumite Night IV

I wasn't able to attend last Tuesday's sessions- spent last week all week with a cold that moved from the throat, by which it certainly had me, to my chest. What made it grimly fiendish was the fact that my hacking cough was helped by the stabbing pain in my ribs with each cough, which only added to the comic nature of it all for Yuko.

On Thursday I thought "it's time to go to the mat" with my cold- it was either it or me was going to emerge, so I loaded up on four aspirin and drank two "genki" (energy = caffeine and vitamin B-laced) drinks and hit the dojo floor. Fortunately not literally.

The highlight for me personally came early in the session: as we were warming up, YS said to me "ah Paul-san, you are getting looser" at which point I collapsed in a wince on the dojo floor. This amused YS.

Thursday night was basically an hour of kumite finishing with Heian Shodan. We did a bunch of kusshin drills first, then kizamu-zuki, gyaku-zuki drills in kihon then teamed up with partners for Jiyu Ippon kumite for sen-no-sen
a) Kogeki jodan, aite must kizamu-zuki, gyaku-zuki
b) Kogeki chudan, aite kusshin, gyaku-zuki
c) Kogeki jodan or chudan, aite can kizamu-zuki-> gyaku-zuki or kusshin-> gyaku-zuki or sabaki-> gyakuzuki
d) Kogeki jiyu, hangeki jiyu
All at your own pace, as many attacks as you want/ can in 45 minutes...

18 matches or so, six each by different senior black belts against Otsuka Sensei, Ibuki and Kimura-chan.

Heian Shodan, once, to the best of our abilities et oh-la-la, c'est la fin!


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