Monday, March 2, 2009

Fist of Fury: Putting your Back into It....

YS made a comment a few months ago about a the picture of a fist on a certain highly reputable Karate publication, calling it 情けない or nasake-nai ("piteable") so we thought we'd put YS back into it.

FISTS OF FURY UPDATE: He wasn't of course criticizing the Karateka or the publication. Actually YS is a bit of a fan of that particular publication, which is why we are doing an exclusive for them as soon as we can get YS to sit down in front of 40-odd questions.
Actually last week Yuko and I were at a big dinner party with him (something like 400 guests) and we were sitting opposite a couple of o-jo-sans (o-jo-sans are well brought up Japanese women in their late 20s looking for rich husbands) and the restaurant owner introduced YS to them.
Then one of them looked at his hands and nearly dropped her glass in shock. I nearly dropped my own glass of brandy laughing at her, the poor pathetic thing. Then I looked at YS gnarly bricks that are hands with the half golfball sized battered first two knuckles and the crust and scabs hanging off them and I thought...mmm- scary! 
I have gotten up close and personal to those hams and I can tell you you just don't have to worry. It's either stinging pain or flat out blackness, so you can can always rest assured of the result.

BTW, YS said last week that he still hasn't mastered IS's back training. IS said that YS is the only person he has ever met that doesn't need it! So there you go.

Yoroshiku! ;-)


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