Friday, April 24, 2009

Otsuka and Tadrist Senseis in Action

Just found some more interesting videos, these ones just put by Alex (Chichvarin) of KWF Russia. I just hope he doesn't mind these as they show a good Russian fighter against Sid Tadrist Sensei and Masamichi Otsuka Sensei.

1. Sid Tadrist Sensei's Ippon!
YBBB watchers will know that I personally rated Sid Sensei's ippon as one of the highlights; I'd just muttered to Sid that I only have an oi-zuki and I am too old, slow and readable for it to be any good in a Karate competition, whereas Sid has any number of techniques in his arsenal. So he said, "Oh yes, I use Oi-zuki when necessary"....for example, against big tough fighters he wants to get out of the way?

In fact, KWF Karate London has posted an impressive collection of Sensei Sid Tadrist's work here. Please take a look!

2. Otsuka Sensei in Action
The records will show that Otsuka Sensei didn't win the KWF World Cup, etc. etc. but that doesn't change the quality of his Karate. I have still shots of him attacking and defending and his moves are perfect kihon. A year after coming back to Karate, Otsuka Sensei's Karate is, well, just great, lookey here!


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