Saturday, April 25, 2009

KUGB VISIT #2: Kusshin- The Pressure Drop- You Gonna Feel It!

Ah Well, you could call KWF Karate Twist and Shout, but it seems that Saturday's session with the KUGB visiting was more a case of spring has sprung (ignoring the unseasonal weather...or was that the Pressure Drop?)

"Cause a pressure drop, oh pressure
Oh yeah pressure drop a drop on you
I say a pressure drop, oh pressure
Oh yeah pressure drop a drop on you

I say when it drops, oh you gonna feel it
Know that you were doing wrong..."

Your humble diarist couldn't make it today, so Pieter submitted the following report, rendered incomprehensible by me....

OK, as last Tuesday's session with OS focused on kaiten (hip rotation) YS seemed to take the session to Kusshin (compression). Actually, just before the session Pieter popped in to pick my camera up. I said to him, we have visitors, so please report on what was taught today." Pieter laughed.

About three hours later he came back saying "excellent, excellent, excellent" about the session.
Here is Pieter's report, which he delivered at midnight, Saturday night:

Hello Paul! How are you doing? Here are the headlights of Yahara Sensei and Isaka Senseis black belt training today:
Yahara Sensei started by asking everyone if they thought what they had been training up until now was really "Karate," he then asked what is the difference between Karate and other martial arts.

When nobody could properly answer his question, he gave them his simple explanation, "Karate means to kill with a single blow."

He then moved on to the question of creating a body capable of delivering a killing blow, which led to the theory of using the rotation of the hips or the compression of the back leg genkai made (everything to the limit). Yahara Sensei demonstrated a few of his techniques (gyaku-zuki & kaiten uraken) on Ibuki Sensei to show how this rotation, or compression, was applied to actual technique.

But first! Before we can learn about hip rotation & leg compression, it was important for everybody to understand the concept of the center of gravity, which was were Isaka Sensei's training session began. We did the basic slow motion center of gravity movement training in kiba-dachi, kokutsu-dachi & zen-kutsudachi.

Yahara Sensei continually pointed out that it was crucial to compress the back leg to the limit, in order to control and move your center of gravity.

When Isaka Sensei made sure everyone had an idea of "special use muscle slow move spin go feeling," he gave a demonstration to show how it should be done.

This was followed by Yahara Sensei's training session, which again focused mainly on the compression of the back leg. We did the gyaku-zuki training where you start from zenkutsu-dachi, compress back, and then explode off the back leg. We did repetitions with age-uke gyaku-zuki, soto-uke gyaku-zuki, and gedanbarai gyaku-zuki.

After this Otsuka Sensei and Ibuki Sensei demonstrated how this training was applied in Jiyuu Ippon kumite. Then we did the compression combinations again.

We ended off the training session with Enpi with Yahara Sensei again emphasising the expansion of the back leg.

I think the theme of the class was Yahara Sensei's theory of using all the joints & muscles in the body to their absolute limit, in order to create maximum power when you strike your target.

A big thank you to Pieter!

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