Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marcus, our Scots Rover

I just wanted to introduce Marcus (the tallest of a bunch of distinguished gentlemen in the picture) who is a Honbu Student no matter where he chooses to lay his designer shirt.

You know, I have this guy's number in my keitai (mobile phone) and it's a safe guaranteed bet, like Red Rum in a donkey derby, that whenever I am in the middle of a deadline haze, a critical meeting or answering a call of nature, Marcus will call me on that Keitai.

The question is, what part of the world from? Wherever you think he is, he is somewhere else. You think he's in Australia, and actually he's in Scotland. You think he's in Scotland, and actually he's in the pub about 300 meters from the dojo.

One day he will call me up with his friendly Scots burr and say, "Hey Paul, I am just at Moonbase Alpha," but I'll see you at black belt practice on Saturday. Look, I know you gave up drinking, but just one for old times sake, yeah?"

Just the one, Paul.

...oh yeah! ;-)


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