Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Karateka, Two Quotes

..."with Karate, you never stop learning. Sometimes you get stuck and despondent, even injured, tired, or maybe over-weight. No need to give up, though, because you can always go back to the very beginnings, and it is the beginnings that are always fresh and new. To me Karate is the spring of the soul, a quiet spring that can send up encouraging young shoots each time I feel the browns and grays of winter mould settling on me."

C. W. Nicol, Moving Zen, p. 163

"At home, I eat red meat, red meat and more red meat. When I fancy vegetables, I eat chicken."

Marius Jordaan Sensei, commenting on changes in his diet while training in Japan.

It's a good thing that YS is taking us all to Ju Ju tonight then! If you want decent Korean BBQ at prices that don't break the bank, Ju Ju is just great. It's even better than the album.

This (the restaurant, not the band, d'oh!) was a regular for us when we trained under Richard Amos in Nishi Azabu dojo, just around the corner.


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