Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OK, this is actually the third part of an installment that I will have to track back to last Friday on KWF SA and the Yahara KWF Kurobi Seminar.

Tonight started with Yahara Sensei asking us to do Oi-zuki. We did it, and we did it and we did it and we did it. So then came the evaluation. X from SA was asked what was the meaning of gyaku-hanmi at the point of kime in Oi-zuki. Y answered about compression and this became the "focal" point of the seminar.

First of all, we focused on the need for gakyu-hanmi in Oikzuki. Then we did centimeter by centimeter analysis of the movement through from zenkutsudachi all the way through balance shifting to enormous thrust of the rear leg to go-tai-ichi at millimeter focus on point of impact.

Yahara Sensei broke down the movement, with hip sinking and holding in hanmi until after forward foot balance shifting all the way to maximum extension.

The first lesson was, if your hikite is 1 mm amai, weak, it is a symptom; every action is toward total control and 100 percent efficient release of power. Realistically you have to aim at 120 percent to achieve the will to be able to deliver the majority of your power.

One cm lack means tens of percent weakness- most crucially in spirit and focus.

The second part of the seminar focused on use of the makiwara with and without focus of hips and with and without focus of back and shoulder muscles.

The third part focused on deep, deep shi-ai kamai into jodan Oi-zuki, yonhon-zuki, huge draw back so you are extremely compressed and almost sitting on your back leg and leap forward into massive Oi-zuki. I'm 41 but the sheer excitement and exhilaration of trying this is just GREAT FUN. Everyone is keyed up and Yahara is there barking orders- TO THE LIMIT! FASTER! When you do this you want to fly- even I was managing 3 meters.

In the meantime Ohtsuka and Suwa demonstrated advanced Ji-yu ippon renzoku kumite- Kihon stretch Oi-zuki tai ji-yu sabaki to ji-yu niwaza renzoku to ippon waza (kiai) tai hangeki (kiai). Suwa surprised everyone by doing the double-spin uraken combination.

This was just GREAT, watching two fine Karateka having a go at each other.

I was lucky tonight- doing Oi-tsuki-yonhon tsuki, nigeru- taosu-waza I faced Pieter. He's half my age and a lot taller. I kept on going through him- I put our distance for getting through with Oi-tsuki at 4 meters and still I went past him.

As a gentleman, he only marked me a little on return, but I could feel my ribs bounce around.

Welcome to the wonderful, wonderful world of the Yahara Kurobi Seminar!

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