Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do Suru...? "Unsu" ...The Son of....

Sorry folks,
Following the return of Mike Dukas Sensei's sensational South Africans, we have been back to normal here, which means TOO MUCH WORK. As my better half caught a cold, I spent the weekend trying to look after Yuko (lucky she's still alive, I guess) and nursing the dark brown bruising running from my wrist to my elbow joint after Friday.

Coming up:
1. Do Suru? UNSU! Part #2 with Bryan Dukas Sensei.
Bryan Sensei sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that he will get me his writeup of the lesson he received from YS last week on Unsu.

2. Do Suru? UNSU! Part #3, which will look into the strange world of Aiful and...UNSU.
You have been warned. Those of you without a sense of humour need not attend.

3. How and how not to bend your back leg in Kushin


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