Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miguel Digging the Dukas Dojo Action

Well folks, after pains in my heart last week I went back to kind Dr. Ryuji (龍神)(DragonGod) at Tokyo Kyosai hospital.... the way, how can you not like having a doctor called DragonGod. I mean, how good is that?

"Excuse me, Dr. my life is in your hands, can I have more pills, please..." Thunder and lightening, very very frightening! And certainly a much more impressive name than that of another old friend, my proctologist, who is an old friend of Kanazawa Sensei also sometimes KWF Taikai Doctor.

So Ryuji Sensei put me through my paces, including more CT scans and X-rays, and told me to take another month's rest.
As I can't train, and Pieter is busy with his physics studies at Keio University, I thought it about time to feature KWF training abroad- and what better than Miguel's Dynamic Karate Blog!

(Somehow Miguel's picture always reminds me of a Front 242 concert I attended in Belgium...but we won't go into that...nor the rabid police dogs either...)

The latest installment features a recent lesson by the brilliant Bryan Dukas Sensei, and it makes for great reading. Another one of my favorite people, and another brilliant Karateka, Andre Bertel Sensei also has a message about Bryan on his blog.

I think Bryan should buy me a drink for all the PR I am giving him, but looks like I may have to make do with a whiplash Yahara Reaper.

A big thanks to Miguel!

Yoroshiku ;-)

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