Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tanjun-na Kogeki Renzoku Waza

Ah, what a great, great feeling to back in the black (belt) class after ten days or so on the rocks! YS was in good form tonight and tonight was Kumite and Gojushiho-sho. Way to go!

Oh my God, if you are talking about Karate this man Yahara is the MAN! Yahara is sheerly unbeatable. It is sheer pleasure to be taught by Yahara. 

単純な攻撃連続技: Tanjun-na Kogeki Renzoku Waza (Simple attack patterns
Tonight was basic kumite practice and it was just like getting back in the saddle:
a) Static hanmi-> shomen gyaku-zuki practice as normal
b) Static maegeri

Ido Kihon I: Oi-zuki to Oi-zuki Pattern 
c) Gedan-barai-> jiyu kamae-> massive extension genkai made (to the limit) oi-zuki-> kusshin -> relax
d) Same, but add in gyaku-zuki (from the hip!)
e) Same again but add in gaku-zuki and then renzoku attack with any waza you like- 2-3-4 but end in BANG perfect kihon final ippon attack with oi-zuki

Ido Kihon II: Oi-geri to Oi-zuki Pattern
Repeat c), d), e) but starting with gedan-barai -> jiyu kamae -> massive extension oi-geri

Kick Clinic - Getting a Secret Kick out of it! 
I am sorry folks but this happened- we literally got a secret kick out of this lesson. If you want to find out what it was, you have to train at the Honbu!

Ido Kihon III: Secret Kick to Oi-zuki Pattern
Repeat Ido Kihon II but using the secret kick ;-)

Partner Training I, II, II 
Repeat Ido Kihon I, II, III but attacking your partner

Tanjun-na Kogeki Renzoku Waza Kumite
The senior ranks lined up and we took turns at attack them and being attacked in yakusoku kumite as in Partner Training I, II, III focusing on initial Ippon, and final Ippon.

So what was the logic of all this: Kihon in Kumite
1. The first oi-zuki should be devastating, must be perfect 
2. Smash your opponent in a blizzard of attacks, or just one or two but....
3. Finish him (her) with a perfect oi-zuki.

This was classic KWF; oh what a sheer pleasure to practice beautiful Karate and generate the speed of the sports Karate but the power of Kihon. 

We focused on stretching and huge extension and compression under gorei and then Okada, Ibuki and OS got personal instruction from YS on fine points. 

Next week- Sabakiwaza 


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