Monday, December 8, 2008

Miguel Harker's Kinwashi Karate-do

While we're talking links with folks down south (well, Andre is in Kyushu, which counts as south, unless you are in Ishigaki-Jima, for example) here's something hot from Miguel Harker in South Africa: the Kinwashi Karate-do.

Although he doesn't have the kanji up, I'll take a good bet that Kinwashi means Golden Eagle, based on the fact that kin is the kanji for gold (or money, as in Kana, as in Kanazawa Kancho) and Washi means eagle. Either that, or paper. But I'm putting my money on eagle.

This is strange, because the guy in the blog is a dead ringer for Michael Schumacher. Is there something that we should be told?

Or is it that Miguel Sensei's circuit training is conducted at break neck speed, an incredible rate of knots, or am I driving you round the bend with this?

In the spirit of things, I think I should come up with a suitable Japanese appellation. And after 30 seconds discussion with Yuko, "Well, Isaka Sensei always calls you an elephant and you are just about the clumsiest person I've ever met...." the name is: 鈍象:DonZo!

So there you have it: Hunter S. Thompson and the Gonzo Diaries and Paul Kallender-Umezu and the DonZo dairies.

Saying that the point is that Harker Sensei is a good friend of the KWF and totally committed to Karate in a way that part-timers like me can only dream of. His commitment to Karate, in fact, reminds me of Marius Sensei's love of animals. Well, eating them anyway.

That is to say, "I eat meat, meat, meat, meat and more meat. And when I fancy vegetables, I eat chicken."

That said, Harker Sensei has his own view and take on Karate and life in South Africa, which Yuko and I have fallen in love with.


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