Wednesday, May 13, 2009

KWF North African Seminar June 27-28, 2009!

The 4th KWF International Seminar, North Africa (Tunisia)

Following on from the highly successful previous outing to North Africa (you can read the report HERE) it's time again for the latest KWF North Africa Seminar hosted by Shihan Sid Tadrist and headed by YS. The details on the picture are self-explanatory. However, if your screen hasn't got sufficient resolution, here are the details:

Date: June 27-8, 2009
Theme: Kata Bunkai

Contact details:

1. Abdelkader El Fendri:
Tel: 00216 20505435
2. Sid Tadrist:
Tel: 0044 7958497562

From what I know about YS Kata Bunkai, YS tends to dispel complex explanations about lots of Kata moves and brings things back to their original simplicity. Those of you who are aite, be prepared to get knocked flat or hit by YS masonry-like fists and iron bar arms and legs. Ouch! (Part of the fun, of course...)

Sensei Sid says every effort is being made to make the arrangements as pleasant and affordable as possible and everyone is welcome. I am sure it's going to be a "knockout" event, like Sid Sensei's Ippon!

BTW, take a look at this blog's VIDEO BAR (up top!) to see KWF Algeria in action.

Yoroshiku ;-)

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