Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Standard Day at the Office

YS was locked in meetings yesterday so we did jishu renshu (self training). We picked a black belt (Goro) and went through Kihon, Kumite and Kata and did a standard workout, no frills, no spills, just a very basic workout:

KWF koshi kaiten gyakuzuki 50x
Static maegeri 50x
Oi-zuki zen/koshin 50x
Age-uke zen/koshin 50x
Soto-uke zen/koshin 50x
Uchi-uke zen/koshin 50x
Mae-geri 50x
Mawashi-geri 30x
Yokogeri keage 12x
Yokogeri kekomi 12x

Kizami-zuki Oi-zuki
On Friday night, taught by Ifra, we did some additional combinations that I haven't done for a long time: shizentai kamae into kizami-zuki and go smashing forward not for gyaku-zuki but into oi-zuki. It felt like a nice change, especially putting in speed and power. I don't know how common this is, but it feels good to go tanking forward- or in my case bumbling on ;-)

No rensoku geri for example mae-mawashi-yokogerikemomi-ushrio-kemi today.
I like marching up and down, but I am glad we don't do it at the end. I tried to do some ushiro-geri practice on the bag at the end of the session for myself and was not only slipping in my own sweat but dizzy. I think if anyone wanted to attack me, I would be too exhausted to escape!

Yakusoku kihon gohon kumi x6 parter swops.

The "basic" ten, all twice (well sometimes three times), first time slow emphasizing hanmi/ shomen, second time with speed and power
Heian-gata ( 1->5) x2
Tekki shodan (no ni/sandan) x2
Bassai-dai x2
Empi x2
Jion x2
Kanku-dai x2

Good old ham and eggs stuff and everyone was happy just to do the basics.


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